How Awesome Is Your Irrigation Contractor?How Awesome Is Your Irrigation Contractor?

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How Awesome Is Your Irrigation Contractor?

Every year, I face some type of emergency or problem with my irrigation system. But I don't worry about it too much. I actually have an awesome irrigation contractor on my side. My contractor understands the problems I have as a homeowner. So when I call the office for services, such as to fix an obstructed sprinkler system or to add a new one, he's always there to answer. If you experience blockages, cracks and other irrigation problems in your landscape, take a look at my blog. My blog may help you find an awesome contractor of your own to call when you need it.

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Why You May Want A Bullnose Granite Countertop Edge

If you're in the early stages of planning a kitchen remodel, a big topic to think about is what type of countertop you want. The right material and color of countertop can have a significant impact on the look of this part of your home, so it's important to consider all of your options. Many people favor granite because of its durability and luxurious appearance. If you're leaning toward this material, you'll need to decide what edge style you want. Your granite countertop supplier can make all sorts of different edges on the granite. A popular choice is what is known as a bullnose, which has a rounded shape. Here are some reasons that you may want a bullnose edge.

No Sharpness

When you're cooking in the kitchen, you'll often stand very close to the edge of the countertop. At certain moments, your body will be pressed against this edge. The rounded shape of a bullnose edge won't dig into your body in the same way as some other edge shapes will. The last thing that you want is to choose an edge style that feels too sharp against your torso. When you go with a bullnose design, you won't have to worry about this problem.

Visual Softness

Some people like the rounded shape of a bullnose edge because of the visual softness that it adds to the kitchen. The kitchen is an area of your home that has a lot of straight lines. When you look at your cabinets, windows, appliances, and other elements, you'll be aware of just how many straight lines are in this space. The rounded shape of the bullnose design breaks up these straight lines and adds a softer feel to this part of your home.


When you browse the many different granite countertop edge styles that are available, you'll likely notice that some have a particularly modern look. This idea can be appealing, but as with other modern elements in your home, there's a risk that anything too modern could start to look dated over time. When you invest in a granite countertop for your kitchen, you want it to last for at least as long as you plan to live in the residence. A bullnose edge is a standard option that is neither modern nor vintage. The result is that it will provide a timeless look for the countertop. Contact a granite countertop supplier such as Granite & Marble Depot to learn more.